These Factors Influence the Resale Value of your Diamond Bracelet

These Factors Influence the Resale Value of your Diamond Bracelet

What is common between selling diamond bracelets for sale, root canal and filling the taxes? There is no fun in doing it, but it needs to be done irrespective of how you feel about it.

We understand it is a difficult decision to sell your diamond bracelet, but once you've decided to sell it, there is no other choice but to search for the Best Place to Sell Diamond Bracelets.

Finding the right buyer is very important because the rate quoted by the buyer will either make or break your decision of selling the jewellery.

But have you ever wondered how the jewel store owners reach the price they want to offer? They decide the price by looking at the jewellery and carefully considering several factors.

Now you might be wondering what these factors are. The factors that determine the price of diamond bracelets are explained in detail in this article.

The Diamond

Diamond is the most important element that buyers look at before deciding the bracelet price. The 4Cs of your diamond will speak volumes about how much you've invested in the jeweller and how much you'll get in return.

The 4Cs are colour, cut, carat and clarity. The central diamond is the main anchor in deciding the price. The metal on which the diamond is placed is valuable but not as valuable as the diamond itself. You must get an appraisal for the diamond bracelet to have an upper benchmark for how much rate you'll get when you sell the diamond.

What is an Appraisal?

The process of bringing the diamond to a seller to ask the value of the diamond is called appraisal. There are 27 types of diamond appraisal, and depending on your purpose of selling, the value changes.

Brand of the Diamond

Brand plays a crucial role in determining how much resale value you'll be getting for the diamond. If you have a diamond bracelet from a branded store, you will likely get a higher resale value.

Although you will still lose around 25% to 40% of the value, it will still be higher than other non-branded diamonds. Since branded diamonds also include their marketing cost in the rate of the diamond, when you resell it, that amount is deducted, and hence the resale value is very low.

Quality of the Bracelet

Before finding the ideal place where you can sell diamond bracelets, you should ensure that you have a quality item with you. There is no compulsion that the more expensive the bracelet is, the higher the resale value it will get.

It all comes down to the quality of the diamond and how much work has been done on the diamond. Always ensure that you buy a genuine diamond with proper certification, so you can be assured that you're not duped in any way.

Only by ensuring that you have quality diamonds with you will you sell the diamonds at the best possible rates. The factors that determine the resale value is the diamond, its 4Cs, the brand of the diamond tennis bracelet, and its quality. Every seller has their unique criteria according to which they will decide the resale value. So, you should take your diamond bracelet to several sellers and compare the prices offered by them and then choose from the best.

Parting Words

We understand it isn't easy to search online for sell my diamond tennis bracelets for instant money. Hence, we are proud to announce that our experts from We Buy Diamonds have always ensured you get the best prices for your diamond bracelet.

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