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Here are Some Solid Reasons to Choose Us for Selling your Diamonds

  • We are your best place to sell diamonds because we offer complete value for your investment.
  • We are your trusted diamond buyers who make the overwhelming process of selling natural diamonds easy and hassle-free.
  • Choose us over searching how to sell diamonds near me online because we know how the market works. We offer complete safety and security to offer you better peace of mind. We use an insured postal service to make the process of "sell lab-grown diamonds" efficient for you.
  • Beside buying your diamonds in loose, we also buy those that are affixed on precious stones. And don’t worry, we are your trusted diamond buyers who pay cash for both the metal and the diamond.
  • We prove your best way to sell your GIA certified diamonds because we prefer sending the valuation within 24 hours and cash within minimum business days possible.
  • You might sell diamonds for cash for various reasons. But, just in case you wish to undo the process of selling your diamonds, you can always trust us. We offer a seven-day buy-back guarantee for every sold old diamond online.

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With over 14 years experience in the diamond selling and buying industry, our experts have enough knowledge of metal assessment, market assessment and diamond appraisal to provide you with the best price possible in the shortest amount of time possible. We not only provide the best possible price but we also make the process easy, seamless and hassle-free for all of our customers providing peace-of-mind.

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