People who have jewellery pieces tend to sell them in times of financial problems. Which, for various reasons, is the best way to overcome the hardships.

However, if you think selling my gemstone ring at the best price is as easy as pie, then you are mistaken.

Not every “gemstone ring buyer near me” you will come across after a Google search is worth your time and efforts. There are tricksters, too. 

Hence playing safe and being extremely vigilant in your quest to find trusted gemstone buyers is extremely important.

Thankfully, certified buyers like We Buy Diamond can help you sell your gemstones for instant cash. You can either visit their showroom to sell used gemstone rings for the most money or consider dealing with their experts online. Either way, you will end up benefitting yourself.

Here is How the Transaction of Selling Jewellery Online Works:

  • Fill Out the Online Form – The first process of cash for gemstones is filling out an online form. This form helps the in-house valuers of We Buy Diamond obtain the right idea of your gemstone.
  • Wait for Initial Evaluation – Once you submit the form, our experts try comprehending the gemstone in question using the filled-in information. The valuers will then connect with you within 24 hours to discuss the further process of how to sell the gemstone ring.
  • Proceed with Shipping – After a successful initial evaluation, our experts will send you a Royal Mail package. And don’t worry, it is completely secure. Use this package to ship your gemstone in question.
  • Obtain the Evaluation – The unboxing of your item will be recorded for security reasons. Then one of our valuers will proceed to evaluate the item and send the valuation for you to finalize.
  • Obtain the Offer – We understand you may be thinking about selling my old gemstone at the best price. So, if you aren’t happy with our offer, negotiate. We are one of those “gemstone bands buyers near me” who believe in complete customer satisfaction. If things work out, we might accept your offer and send the money within 24 hours.

In case you don’t accept our offer, we will simply return your item safe and insured.

Enjoy your Instant Cash Today!

Instead of stressing about how to sell a gemstone ring, consider connecting with our best place to sell the Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald birthstone and any coloured stones. Our experts will help to obtain the best resale value of your gemstone and benefit with some instant money, too.

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