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The vast majority of jewellers usually offer a very uncompetitive price as they are restricted on the capital they have to spend on diamond. Our process is very different. We use our unique connections in the market to offer you the best price.

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At We Buy Diamonds we have the ability to buy any diamond no matter the type. You can sell a diamond of any cut, clarity, colour or carat to us and we will offer you the best price using our unique connections in the market and our large capital.

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We use our expert gemologist trained by GIA to give the best and most accurate valuation price on your precious stones. Our Specialists use state-of-the-art technology and various security checks to give you the best price possible.

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Our customers' peace-of-mind is always in our best interest. Therefore we are proud to say that we have a specific procedure in place that allows both parties to be more than satisfied. You can see Our Customers Reviews Here:

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Once you complete our online form one of our valuers will contact you within 24 hours to discuss with you the initial valuation of your item.

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Once your happy with our initial valuation we will send you a secure Royal Mail package in order for you to ship us your items.

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Once we receive your item we will open it on camera for your security. Then one of experts will assess your item and will quote you your final valuation.

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If you accept our offer, you will receive the money within 24 hours if you choose bank transfer. If not then we will mail you a check.

If you choose to decline our offer we will simply return your item to you via our secure and insured Royal Mail Service

  • When will I Get Paid?
    It can be a sensible alternative for lots of cost-conscious diamond buyers to purchase loose diamonds. Instead of purchasing the diamond manufactured into a setting or jewellery piece, they can hand-pick the same gemstone they fancy, for around 30 to 50 percent less compared to a natural diamond. To get instant money for your diamonds, you can choose us to assist in getting the correct value of your stones in just 1 day.
    We Buy Diamond is one of the top diamond dealers in the city on which you can put your trust. We have been in the business for many years and have maintained a great legacy from the time of our establishment. At We Buy Diamonds, we deal in all kinds of diamonds, and with us, you can obtain the best value for your precious stones. We purchase diamond rings, diamond chains, diamond bracelets, and other jewellery pieces.
    We adhere to a very clear evaluation procedure wherein we value the diamonds from studded jewellery individually, and after that, the gold is valued individually. Visit our showroom today, and we’ll evaluate the price of the diamond jewellery, then you can sell the stones to us for instant cash in return.
  • How much can you Resell a Diamond for?
    If you want to sell any jewellery item such as a diamond ring, then you can expect to lose nearly half of its original cost value. A diamond’s resale value is entirely based on various factors and does not vary like the prices of gold. Diamonds have a poor resale value because you'll be paying a big margin that goes into the jeweler's pocket while you purchase a diamond ring.
    Clarity, cut, certifications, shape, and cut are all factors that affect the resale value of diamond jewellery. As you plan to look for a purchaser for your diamonds, assume a big distinction between the original price and the resale value. Typically, diamond jewellery items are resold for about 25 to 50 percent of their initial price.
    For example, if you bought a diamond ring for 1500 Dollars, then the resale price will be around 855 to 900 Dollars, based on the buyer’s choices. That’s the reason only big and rare diamonds have a good resale value, and they are worth purchasing. You must avoid selling your diamonds at pawn shops as their selling costs are already anticipated to be well under the market value.
  • How can I Sell My Loose Diamonds online?
    There are numerous advantages of selling loose diamonds online. At present, everything has become digital and modernized. Owing to this fact, you can locate a suitable buyer for your loose diamonds in no time. Rather than visiting a local jewellery store or a pawnshop, you can simply fill up some lines related to your diamond jewellery, wait for a reply, and get the best value. By taking the assistance of experts, you can have a safe and timely selling of your diamonds.
    Many may not be comfortable with the online method of selling as it does not let them have an in-person interaction with the buyer. There can be several factors that can affect the worth of the diamonds, counting the 4 Cs: cut, colour, clarity, and carat. Also, there are some limitations on selling diamonds.
    Based on the weight of the carat, you can easily sell a white diamond weighing no less than 1 carat, and a fancy diamond weighing no less than 0.2 carats. With regards to the color of white diamonds, you can sell no less than K grading diamond. Regarding the clarity, you can sell no less than the S12 clarity stage.
  • What is the Best Way to Sell a Diamond?
    These are some top ways to sell a diamond jewellery item:
    1. You must set a realistic value
    If you do not set a realistic value, you may end up only getting disappointment. You can stick to 2 ways to decide a reasonable value. If you are having an evaluation, then you must ask how much the gemstone can be worth in certain marketplaces. A reputable and experienced evaluator adheres to the present market trends and can assist you in knowing the possible resale price of your jewellery.
    2. Examine your selling alternatives
    The diamond resellers have a couple of alternatives. The first is selling to the jewelers, and the second is selling it to the public. Selecting a purchaser is not about receiving the best value every time but is usually a work of how swiftly you can close the deal or how much you trust the purchaser. The major benefit of selling your jewellery to the jewellery industry is that it is less time consuming. If you are looking for someone to sell your items securely and promptly without any hassle, then prefer to visit a jeweler, pawnbroker, or diamond dealer. But you must keep this in mind that buyers from the public pay more for diamond jewellery.
  • How do I Get the Best Price on a Diamond?
    Buying a diamond ring, necklace, or pendant is a really big investment, and a great amount of research is necessary before making an acquisition. To get the best value for your money, you must consider the following when buying diamond jewellery:
    1. Avoid purchasing from local jewellery stores
    You need to be shrewd when buying a diamond ring from a local jewellery store. The local jewellery stores have high operating costs, counting physical storefronts, salespersons, inventory, and many more. Moreover, they need to raise the cost of identical gemstones to remain in business.
    2. Know the 4Cs and where to make transactions
    Cut, clarity, carat, and colour are the 4Cs that you should keep in mind while making a purchase. Diamond cut is a vital C, and one must consider it without any second thought. On the other hand, the colour of a diamond goes from D, which is colourless and costlier, to J, which is about to get clearly yellow and less costly. Carat is the weight of the diamond. Slight variations can create a significant distinction in the value and are not clear to naked eyes. Clarity is the most negligible one out of the 4Cs. Natural diamonds come with faults, and clarity is a measure of faults, which are stains and additions.
  • How do I Value of my Synthetic Diamonds?
    Synthetic or artificial diamonds are diamonds made in laboratories that appear quite similar to natural diamonds. Since they actually contain carbon atoms formation, synthetic diamonds show the same chemical and visual features of a natural diamond crystal created through the biological processes of nature. The value of lab-created diamonds is usually lower compared to natural diamonds. Also, their value persists to decrease as much as 30 percent yearly. The reason for this is that synthetic diamonds don't have any resale value, and that's why their demand persists to decline.
    You can resell your synthetic diamond as lab-created diamonds are a swiftly developing element of the entire diamond market. Only because your local jewellery shop is not dealing in synthetic diamonds from the public doesn't imply that they will not purchase any in the upcoming years.
    The market of synthetic diamonds is incredibly supply-constrained, too. It is not a true fact that these kinds of diamonds are readily obtainable and are flooding the marketplace. Instead, these diamonds frame a tiny portion of the whole market and are obtainable in limited amounts in bigger sizes and fancy shapes. Do you want to sell your synthetic diamond at a good price? Then you must consider several factors before selling it to any buyer. You can sell this kind of diamond to a jeweler. You might end up receiving only some dollars if you sell it online.
  • Do Diamonds have Second Hand Value?
    The short answer to this question is yes. Diamonds have a second hand or resell value. But the resale value of any kind of diamond doesn't differ like the Gold price; it is based on the supply and demand factor. A valuable diamond jewellery piece is the first preference of every purchaser all the time. When looking for a diamond, whether loose or in the jewellery, always request grading certificates, which can be SGL, GIA, IGI, or DGLA. They are the evidence proving that the diamond is genuine. They even authenticate the quality diamond cut, clarity, shape, and colour. Hence, the second-hand value of any kind of diamond is greatly based on the grading certificates.
    Diamonds do not often rise in value at the present time, which is very unfortunate. Yes, it relies on various factors that include when and how you purchased it. This is a very common myth that diamonds are suitable investments that rise in value every year. However, this has not really happened for most diamonds in the past decade. If you want to attain the best second-hand value for your diamond, you must find and work with a diamond professional.
  • Do Jewellers Buy Loose Diamonds?
    Jewelers often purchase loose diamonds and other kinds of jewellery pieces. Consider a few important points if you want to sell your diamonds but are not certain about where to begin or whom to sell. All these can help you achieve the best value for your precious stones. Doing a little homework before selling your loose diamonds to a local jeweler is essential.
    You can do the homework by searching online for similar diamond pieces. With this approach, you can get an idea of the assortment of second-hand values given by many jewelers. Unsurprisingly, the jewelers doing online business have a profit made into their selling values. In case you decide to have your loose diamond assessed by GIA or any other entity, there are online jewelers who can offer you a free-of-cost, no-obligation evaluation by one of their GIA qualified gemologists.
    Quality, size, and demand of the stone you are putting on sale are some of the numerous factors affecting the worth of your loose diamonds. On top of that, the market price for loose diamonds varies. To make the most of your loose diamonds, you must seek a trusted and reputable jeweler within your neighborhood.
  • Where can I Sell my Loose Diamonds for Instant Cash?
    At WeBuyDiamonds, we'll offer our clients instant cash for diamonds at a reasonable price rate. We have been in this business for several years. You can sell your loose diamonds to us if you want cash immediately. As you agree to our expert appraisal, our team will send the respectable amount to your account in just 24 hours. In case you don't have a bank account, we'll send a cheque through express mail so that you can get your money as quickly as possible.
    All the members of our team are highly experienced and qualified. They'll undergo a checklist of evaluation criteria, which counts diamond shape, clarity, cut, weight, fluorescence, and condition. Our team also examines the metal in which your precious stones are positioned and factor this into the expert appraisal.
    We Buy Diamonds is consistently dealing in diamonds and is one of the leading companies in the diamond business. This fact gives us the special aptitude to evaluate the market scenarios and prices at the time of assessment. We mix the detailed diamond evaluation with the market scenarios and value to offer our clients the expert assessment, featuring the most realistic price rate. After all that, we discuss the expert assessment via phone call or mail.
  • Can Natural Diamonds be Resold?
    If you plan to sell any of your diamond rings or necklace, you might have a lot of questions relating to their resale value in your head. Every diamond can be resold, whether it is a centre stone of a wedding ring or a pendant. But, the resale price of this stone is nearly considerably less compared to the price you paid for buying the diamond while it was new. A lot of things can be responsible for this. The value that you are offered can even differ mainly on the basis of how you prefer selling it. In a majority of instances, a diamond ring or other types of diamond jewellery pieces will have a resale value ranging from 20 to 60 percent of the original price.
    The value of diamonds tends to vary after a while. Diamond prices rose in the years right after the Great Recession prior to dropping gradually but progressively ever since the starting of the year 2012.
    Typically, diamond prices don't go up tremendously after a while. Besides a tiny number of rare or fancy diamonds, a large percentage of these stones have declined a little in terms of value over the last couple of years.
  • How much are Diamonds Worth right now?
    No matter if it is a wedding ring or an engagement ring, a diamond is a valuable gemstone symbolizing legend, love, affection, and prosperity for ages. Still, how much is the value of diamonds at the moment is a big question. It is very uncommon that diamond possessors know what exactly makes a diamond or diamond jewellery more worthy than another. While it is about selling a diamond ring today, you must know these disparities in order to obtain a good deal. You can count on We Buy Diamonds if you have plans to sell your diamond ring for attaining the best value or instant cash for your diamonds.
    A couple of factors come into play while diamonds are sold at a local jewellery store. Setting is the primary factor. A number of diamond ring settings are intended to make the central stone appear much larger than its actual shape. Carat weight is the second factor that comes into play. This means the overall carat weight of all the stones in a ring or any other jewellery item. A much bigger diamond has a greater value compared to a smaller diamond which adds up to the identical overall carat weight demonstrated as "CTW".
  • How much Cash do you get for Diamonds?
    Selecting a diamond involves both budget and shrewdness. The answer to the question of “how much cash do you get for diamonds” depends on numerous things. Similar to other industries, the diamond industry is basically coherent. The value of diamonds and diamond jewellery is determined through innumerable factors such as carat, cut, colour, shape, and clarity. On average, you can expect to pay somewhere between 9800 Dollars and 64000 Dollars for a 2 carat round brilliant diamond. A 3-carat diamond can cost around 20000 Dollars to 100000 Dollars. The reality is that the original price varies from the purchase price of any jewellery piece that consists of diamonds. This is because of the retail markups. The price can go up from 100 percent to 200 percent, but it depends on the store from where you purchased the diamonds.
    As you look for a buyer for your diamonds, you can assume a big difference between the original and resale values. The resale value of diamonds can be about 25 to 50 percent of their actual price. People don’t pay its market price when they arrive at a jewellery store to buy a stylish jewellery piece with diamonds. It is generally more than the price of similar jewellery being sold online.
  • Is there a Resale Value for Diamonds?
    Are you looking for a worthy investment? Then choose gold. If you want to attain a greater resale value, then choose diamonds. If you are confused and need some guidance, reach out to a jewellery expert. Every diamond comes with a good resale value. In most instances, a diamond ring or other diamond jewellery pieces will have a resale value that ranges between 20 and 60 percent of its original price tag. In essence, the resale value of diamond jewellery is decided by many factors, such as cut, carat, clarity, and colour. Carat is generally used for gauging the weight of gemstones. You may rarely find bigger diamonds, but they have a greater resale value compared to the smaller ones. Diamond cut, on the other hand, is the shape of the diamond's facades, their number, and their arrangement.
    Generally, diamonds whose cut lets them capture and reproduce more shine will attain a greater worth. If you want to evaluate your diamond's resell price, you must be aware of its clarity, cut, carat, and colour. You can enter all these details in our diamond calculators, and you will receive an approximation from us of how much value your diamond jewellery carries.
  • How much is My Loose Diamonds worth?
    Selling loose diamonds for money can be a bit of a complicated task. It is not very easy to decide the correct resale value of your diamond jewellery. The jewellery evaluators consider numerous factors to determine the actual worth of your diamond jewellery. These include the 4Cs: clarity, cut, carat, and colour. Compared to white diamonds, the naturally occurring coloured diamonds might have a higher value because they are rarely found.
    If you want to sell your loose diamonds, look for a trusted pawn shop, diamond dealer, or jewellery store. Rely on WeBuyDiamonds if you are looking to sell your precious diamonds at a favourable price. Connect with our experts directly or online to sell your loose diamonds. We are one of the most trustworthy diamond dealers, and you get a fair deal by counting on us. Besides, we have been working in this business with our team of GIA certified gemologists for a very long time.
    We can be the best place where you can sell your loose diamonds and get a great resale value for your gemstones. We have already worked with more than thousands of clients and a majority of them were satisfied with us. Another good thing about counting on us is that we can get you the most exciting deal for your diamonds within just 24 hours.
  • Is It Easy to Resell Lab Grown Diamonds?
    The diamonds formed in labs have a lower to no second-hand value. This clearly signifies that if you purchase a lab-made or artificial diamond, you may face challenges getting a fair resale value of its original price. Thus, getting a fair deal for lab-made diamonds is not easy. These diamonds are relatively cheaper than natural ones. Let us assume that a natural diamond has a resale value of approx 50 percent of its initial price. At last, the diamond's value will increase. In case you try to sell it, you must receive a minimum of half of its initial cost. You may not have a similar experience with lab-made diamonds. Let us take an example of a lab-grown diamond which costs 3800 Dollars. It is less expensive than a natural diamond. But if you go out reselling that diamond, you may just make only 50 Dollars or less.
    It is pretty costly to prepare artificial diamonds as it needs special equipment, diamond cutters, and professionals. Unlike moissanite or cubic zirconia, lab-grown diamonds undergo Chemical Vapor Deposition or High Pressure-High Temperature procedures. Producing the carbon atoms, and stuffing them into a diamond, requires novel techniques, time, and knowledge.
  • How do you Sell Diamonds safely?
    Do you want to sell your stones and get a reasonable price in return? Then you can rely on We Buy Diamonds, a renowned name in the jewellery industry. You may want to sell your diamonds for many reasons, such as to get money for paying debts, home restorations, or urgent money requirements. Selling diamonds might seem easy and profitable, but it is not. As you deem selling your diamond jewellery for instant money, you likely think of visiting a local jewellery shop or a pawnbroker. But there are other alternatives, as well, that you can think about. You can even sell your stones online.
    It can be tougher to use the DIY methods for selling your diamonds. Instead of selling these precious stones yourself, you can connect with an online jeweler to get a greater value for the diamonds. Trust issue is one of the numerous reasons many people don’t prefer to work with an online jeweler. If you don’t want to be in any trouble while selling unnecessary jewellery, you might wish to think about putting them on a consignment basis with a jeweler. If a sale is successfully completed, the jeweler may take a portion from that sale.
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