We Buy Any Sapphire

From dazzling blue sapphire to standard yellow version, we buy this gemstone to provide you with the right value. Moreover, we know that sapphire stones are available in a variety of shapes, including the cushion-shaped and round ones. We can buy both:

  • Untreated, Original Sapphires
  • Heat-Treated Stones
Sell Sapphires Of Any Colour

We have found sapphires in a variety of colours, ranging from pinkish orange to blue. Surely, colour may slightly affect the price of your stones. Fancy sapphires come in pink, purple, yellow, and black colours. Some sapphires have blue colours due to the blend of corundum and titanium. We can buy sapphires of different:

  • Tones
  • Hues
  • Saturations
The Value Of Sapphire Colour

We make out the strength of colour of your sapphire gemstones to calculate the price of your assets. Our experience have the state-of-the-art technology to detect the true value of your specific sapphire colour to give you the best possible price of your gemstone. We can detect:

  • Highly Saturated Gemstones - The Most Precious Ones
  • Darker Blue Sapphire- Low Priced Stones
  • Colourless Sapphire- Highly Valuable
Factors Affecting Sapphire Price

Do you have a stock of more than sapphire stones? However, although you find them looking similar, our gemstone specialists can calculate the true value. We focus on four factors to find your sapphire value:

  • Cut - Shape Of Your Stone
  • Colour & Clarity - Shades & Presence Of Abrasions
  • Carat- Size Of Your Gemstone
Our Process
Our Process
How It Works

1 Fill In Online Form

Complete our easy-to-use online form in order for our in-house valuers to get the best idea of your precious item.

2 Initial Evaluation

Once you complete our online form one of our valuers will contact you within 24 hours to discuss with you the initial valuation of your item.

3 Ship Your Items

Once your happy with our initial valuation we will send you a secure Royal Mail package in order for you to ship us your items.

4 Final Evaluation

Once we receive your item we will open it on camera for your security. Then one of experts will assess your item and will quote you your final valuation.

5 Get Your Offer

If you accept our offer, you will receive the money within 24 hours if you choose bank transfer. If not then we will mail you a check.

If you choose to decline our offer we will simply return your item to you via our secure and insured Royal Mail Service

Why People Choose Us
  • Items Opened On Camera
  • Insured Delivery Service
  • Tracked Package
  • Safety Gurantee
  • Royal Mail
  • Luxury Watch Specialists
  • 14 Years Experience
  • GIA Trained Experts
  • Global Connections
  • In-House Team
Best Price
  • Qualified Luxury Watch Experts
  • Various Security Tests
  • Competitive Analysis
  • GIA Trained Valuers
  • Expert Valuation
Fast Payment
  • Fast & Easy Selling Process
  • Instant Payment
  • Within 24 Hours
  • Fast Valuation
  • Instant Offer
Who are we?

We are Hatton Gardens based jewellers that offers buying service to our customers. At We Buy Diamond, we will buy any type of precious goods, from diamonds and watches to gemstones. Our in-house experts have over 14 years experience in the buying and selling precious goods industry, therefore you can always rely on our expert valuers to give you the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.

Furthermore unlike most other jewellers we provide a fast and reliable postal services to all of our customers so you can send us your items safely and free-of-charge. Because of our unique international connections in the industry and our experience in the market we will offer you more for your item than the vast major of other jewellers.

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Contact The Experts

With over 14 years experience in the diamond selling and buying industry, our experts have enough knowledge of metal assessment, market assessment and diamond appraisal to provide you with the best price possible in the shortest amount of time possible. We not only provide the best possible price but we also make the process easy, seamless and hassle-free for all of our customers providing peace-of-mind.

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