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Our team have received your form and we working as hard as possible to give you the best possible price for your diamonds! You will receive your initial evaluation by one of our experts via phone or email.

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Once your happy with our initial valuation we will send you a secure Royal Mail package in order for you to ship us your items.

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Once you complete our online form one of our valuers will contact you within 24 hours to discuss with you the initial valuation of your item.

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Complete our easy-to-use online form in order for our in-house valuers to get the best idea of your precious item.

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Once we receive your item we will open it on camera for your security. Then one of experts will assess your item and will quote you your final valuation.

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If you accept our offer, you will receive the money within 24 hours if you choose bank transfer. If not then we will mail you a check.

If you choose to decline our offer we will simply return your item to you via our secure and insured Royal Mail Service

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Jewellery is one of the precious investments. However, when things go south, these precious investments provide an excellent hedge.

For instance, you are facing a financial crunch; perhaps you want money for starting a new venture and so on.

At We Buy Diamond, we make the process of cash for jewellery both efficient and hassle-free for you. With us by your side, you no longer have to worry about searching for the best pawn shop near me or the best pawn broker near me.

We know how things are done and are completely capable of buying your gold jewellery while offering you the right valuation for the same.

Whether you are thinking of “sell jewellery for cash,” or “sell my designer jewellery for the deserving value,” we can offer complete assistance. Our experts have decades of experience in dealing with jewellery pieces.

They are aware of all the current trends, gold’s market value and other basics to help to you sell jewellery at the best price.

You might wonder, “will selling my jewellery online rob me the deserving value?” 

Well, absolutely not. 

And in case you aren’t happy with the offer we make, we will be happy to negotiate things out and return your item back to you using the special, secured and insured delivery services.

Here are Some Reasons Why You Might Want to Sell Old Jewellery Online:

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Do you have either of the above-mentioned reasons to sell your jewellery? Wait, prevent yourself from the hassle of searching for a “jewellery buyer near me” or “where can I sell jewellery. Instead, connect with the best place to sell jewellery that We Buy Diamond and let our experts take over!

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