Tips to Sell Your Loose Diamonds Safely

Wondering if you should sell loose diamonds online? When it comes to the decision of whether to sell your loose diamond or not, it can be tough as there is a great deal of sentiment attached to it. But if you require cash quickly, then selling loose diamonds can really help you out in this regard.

What Affects the Sale of Loose Diamonds?

There are several factors that might impact the value of those loose diamonds. For instance, you have to keep in mind the cut, colour, clarity, and carat. The size also matters bigger ones cost more, and hence will sell for more as well. The overall condition should be taken into account. If your diamond is scratched or nicked, then you won’t get as much value as you would for a shiny and flawless stone. Selling loose diamonds is convenient, but the market value fluctuates, so the timing of the sale is vital.

Selling Loose Diamonds Safely

So, have you thought about the best place to sell loose diamonds? These days, quite a few people are choosing to look for Loose Diamond Buyers online, but you have to make sure that they are credible and established. Here are a few tips to remember while selling loose diamonds:

Verify Credibility

Look for records of the company or the buyer’s existence. Check when the business was established, find out what their reputation is in the market, what complaints have been made and how they were handled, etc.

Peek At the Reviews

This is an excellent way to determine where to sell loose diamonds. Read customer reviews thoroughly overly negative and positive reviews are red flags for sure! Know what previous clients of the loose diamond dealers have written about customer service.

No Hidden Charges

Reputable loose diamond buyers will never charge anything if you are just inquiring about “how to sell my loose diamonds”! Ideally, you should check if they offer free shipping and insurance. This is because you have to send the stones or make an appointment to get them appraised. Usually, the initial quotes for the stones is free of cost it is known as a no-obligations offer. This gives you an idea of how much your diamonds are worth. In case, the offer isn’t acceptable, they will re-ship the stones.

Get A Third-Party Appraisal

If you aren’t comfortable about shipping your loose diamonds, get it valued by a third party. It should be an independent appraiser who is trustworthy, as it helps determine the stone’s quality. Please remember that appraisals might vary from person to person. Moreover, an appraisal isn’t the same as the diamond’s true market value, as it is useful for insurance purposes only. However, a third-party appraisal ensures you have a better idea about the diamond’s value and know that you are getting true value for money, whenever you decide to sell.

When you search for “how to sell my loose diamonds”, there are loads of results that will pop up on your screen. But before Selling Loose Diamonds, it is imperative that you verify the credentials of the loose diamond dealers and then move ahead.

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