How to Sell Your Old Jewellery before this Spring Season?

How to Sell Your Old Jewellery before this Spring Season?

It’s spring and the sun is finally out, so you begin to do a bit of house cleaning, scrubbing and dusting and under that heap of dust to find an old jewellery box. There is that antique necklace handed down to you by one of your great great aunts, a bracelet from your great grandmother and some other such valuables. All of them, in this day and age a bit out of style and burdensome to wear. To be left there gather some more dust, a good alternative would be to have them appraised and sell your jewellery for cash.

Managing Expectations

Not to get all excited-on dusting off your newly found riches, it is very important to get your jewellery appraised by a professional appraiser. Once appraised you will have an idea of a ballpark figure that you can expect on the sale of old jewellery. However, be warned that the jewellery will not sell for as near as its appraised value due to insurance reasons. So have a reasonable head on your shoulders and keep your expectations real.

Restoring Your Jewellery before Sale.

Once you have had your old jewellery appraised and evaluated it is advised to have them restored. For the restoration you can use homemade jewellery cleaning recipes like using a mixture of baking soda, vinegar and water, then gently clean your jewellery with the help of an old toothbrush or a soft cloth. A radiant and shining piece of well restored jewellery can be the difference in fetching you a good price and price below par.

Finding A Place to Sell Your Old Jewellery

Once clean, shiny and restored, it is now time to find the best place to sell your jewellery. You start with places that or jewellers who buy old jewellery or browse the internet jewellers who buy old jewellery. One of the best and the most trusted places that you can find online for such a transaction is “We Buy Diamond,” their website is under the same name, so it should prove difficult to find them. They have over a decade of experience in this business, with a fast evaluation process, a guarantee of 100% safety and once all set, instant payment. So here, not only get your jewellery evaluated but also receive a fair price all in good time.


To sell your jewellery for cash can be tricky, to ensure that you get the best deal out of it and not get ripped off, have your jewellery appraised, well restored and of all finding a good and trusted jeweller to sell your old jewellery being the most important. Here is wishing good luck to finding a gold price for your now dusted off and shiny old heirlooms before spring.

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