Sell Your Unwanted Jewellery for the Most Cash

5 Sell Your Unwanted Jewellery for the Most Cash

If your jewellery is entangled in a box and you no longer wear it, you may think of where I can sell my jewellery for cash. To get the most out of your unwanted jewellery, you need to know its worth that quits your requirement of selling it to the ideal place. However, the monetary value of the jewellery has been all over the place. Things you are unaware of may be worth dollars. If you are a jewellery lover, you must know the value of it. There are different types of jewellery pieces in the market, made up of different metals.

Before selling your unwanted jewellery, you must ask yourself, "how do I value my jewellery?” You probably wonder with excitement whether your jewel is worth anything. However, there are multiple things you need to check before you sell jewellery for cash.

Here are some of the steps that you need to follow before you think of How to Sell My Old Jewellery:

Step 1: Search for Hallmarks

RIt is one of the first things you should see in jewellery. Hallmarks tell many things about jewellery, including its metal, origin, manufacturer, or designer. Such markings are located on the clasp of the piece inside the bracelet or necklace or at the back of an earring. Moving ahead, if your item looks antique but does not have any hallmark, you get it assessed with the help of a professional.
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Step 2: Examine Gems and Settings

What is the most common question that comes to buyers or sellers' minds, "Is it an original diamond?" However, most of the time, it is not. Therefore, it is important to examine the setting and gems before selling your unwanted jewellery for cash. Even though they may say it's pure, the chances are they are mostly settled as white sapphire, white topaz, or while spinel. However, the sizes of the gems are the first clue. For example, for anything that is more than 3 mm, there is a higher chance you are holding cubic zirconia. Hence, it is important to understand your jewellery in depth before selling it.

Step 3: Check the Weight of the Jewellery

When it comes to immediate cash, many people think, "How can I sell my gold near me?" However, if you ever think of selling, checking the weight of the piece is one of the essential factors to keep in mind. Gold, Platinum and sterling silver are comparatively higher metals than artificial ones. For example, if you find a thicker gold chain that weighs lighter, it is most likely to be hollowed gold. Gold jewellery is smooth, heavy and consistent, which can be converted into different shapes. In general, the heavier your platinum or gold jewellery is, the more costly it is.

Step 4: Know the Age of the Jewellery

Antique or vintage pieces are rare jewellery pieces sold for higher prices, especially during the commemoration or a big event. If you plan to sell your jewellery, do quick research to identify if the piece is rare or not.

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