5 Ways to Make Extra Money by Selling Old Jewellery

Is selling your old jewellery worth the time, energy and resources you put in? Won’t it mean parting with your cherished memories because after all nothing can beat the satisfaction of having a box full of jewellery in the cupboard? What will be your reaction if you were told that if you sell your old jewellery, you could end up making millions from the deal? Will you still stay glued with it or happily bid adieu and bring home money?

Well, to get the best returns on the deal, you must keep the following points in mind when you decide to sell your old jewellery:

Choose the Best Time to Sell Old Gold: The thumb rule of demand and supply holds good in case of commodities and gold is not an exception. With more people willing to invest in gold in comparison to shares, the price of gold will shoot up when the market sentiment is dicey. You must consider the position of the economy before selling gold. If hard times are predicted, hold on the commodity and wait for the times to revive.

Don’t Fall for Cash-for-Gold Companies: Do your research well and don’t fall for cash-for-gold companies. Compare the prices offered by the pawnbrokers, high street jewellers and online stores before fixing any deal.

Get the Exact Worth of Gold: Depending on the weight and hallmark certifications of the jewellery you have, you will get to know the real value of gold based on the current market price. While finding the exact worth, you should know the details like brand, material and age of your jewellery for precision in the value.

Don’t be Impulsive: Trust your instincts but don't be impulsive in the transaction. Shop around, talk to different designer jewellery buyers and get multiple quotes before you finalize one buyer who is the most trustworthy of the lot.

Selling Gold Online: If you happen to live in areas where finding reliable buyers is tough, you can resort to selling used jewellery online for instant cash. In your attempt to do, ensure that you have researched about the buyer and have gathered enough positive feedback before entering into the deal.

How to Sell Used Jewellery Online?

While going to a brick and mortar store and selling jewellery might be easy, finding the best place or right buyer for gold on the online platform can be a daunting task. To get the maximum benefits from the deal, consider the following points:

  • The reputation of the buyer
  • The fine print of the website
  • The time taken by the buyer to respond to the query
Mode of payment
The delivery method of the consignment

Sitting at home and selling your jewellery will ask for a cautious and calculated approach from you. Make sure you do your work well to get the best deal. Earning extra money by selling jewellery depends on how cautious and smart your approach is. Don’t let the buyers exploit your sentiments and wait until you get the maximum value of your possession. Talk to our team before jumping to any conclusions!

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