How Do You Reset Your Engagement Ring after Divorce?

Divorce is a tough call for a couple. Every couple tries to avoid it and try to make the marriage work, but sometimes, it does not. At that point, it is a better option for both of the partners to go in separate directions. It is better to be happy and apart than being sad and together. If you, too, are going through a divorce, you know this feeling.

Should I Sell My Ring after Divorce?

The engagement ring on your finger is a reminder of your history. If the happy moments made up a large portion of your married life, you might not want to let go of the ring. But you also cannot keep them as they are. Here are some ideas in which you can keep the rings in your life.

Resetting Your Engagement/ Wedding Ring

Further, you will read about some innovative ideas to reset your ring to use them again:

1. Personal Jewellery- Your engagement ring does not have to stay a ring. You can get the gemstone out of it and get it fashioned in more personal jewellery that suits you, for example, an anklet.
2. Necklace- If you want to keep the ring closer to your heart, figuratively and literally, you can get it customised as a pendant. It is simple and elegant at the same time.
3. Earrings- The gemstone in your ring can prove to be a fashionable choice for an earring set. If you have a wedding ring with more than one diamond, the smaller diamonds can make cute diamond studs. Or, you can buy a gemstone of the same type using the certificate of the first one.
4. Necklace Set- You can turn your wedding or engagement ring into more than an earring set if they have more than a single gemstone. While you can use the centre gem for a pendant, the side pieces can make an attractive earring pair.
5. Right-hand Ring- The ring finger in the right-hand means prosperity. You can wear the engagement ring in your right hand as it is or have the ring changed, keeping the gem the same.

You now know how to reset your wedding or engagement ring in various ways. You can turn it into a pendant or a complete necklace set, or redesign your engagement ring into personal jewellery, or you can use it as a simple ring in the right hand. Each of these ideas is classy and simple. They will remind you of good old times. If there were problems in your married life, then holding on to the ring is not such a good idea. It can bring back memories. In such a case, it is better to sell your engagement ring. It is up to you where to sell the wedding, online or offline.

You can even look for tips for selling your engagement ring to a pawnshop for fast cash. Whatever step you take, you need to keep a calm mind. Whether to sell your engagement ring or redesign it after divorce, it is your decision. So take time before deciding.

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