How Much Is My Watch Worth?

Are you a watch enthusiast? Have you inherited an antique watch? Do you keep a close track on the latest watches in the market? If you happen to fall in any of the categories, then finding the true value of your watch in the closet is worth all the efforts you put in because it could mean a hell lot of money. While big names like Omega and Rolex will draw you whooping amount, it doesn’t mean that the unbranded watch you have is worthless. You need to have an eye on the aesthetics and the make before jumping to any conclusion.

Thus, going through the following points will give you a clear picture of what is the exact worth of your watch:

Brand: If you are a proud owner of a Rolex, Breitling, IWC, Jaeger Lecoultre, Patek Philippe, Cartier watch, you know what it means and the price it holds in the international market. The worth of such watches is worth millions, and when you sell your luxury watch, you can expect a huge bank balance in your accounts.

Model Number: Before you sell your luxury watch, read the model number written on the official documents received. For instance, Omega Speed master, Cartier Tank Solo and the list go on.

Condition: Aesthetics play an important role in determining the true value of your watch, and this encapsulates the condition of the:

  • Dial
  • Crown
  • Crystal
  • Case
  • Bezel
  • Bracelet/Strap

Movement: Be it quartz or mechanical, a true watch connoisseur will observe the movements of the watch closely before buying the watch. You will find hundreds of components intricately fitted into the watches which will automatically shoot up the worth of your watch.

Servicing: If you want to sell your watch, you might be required to produce the servicing receipts at the time of sale because a watch needs to be serviced regularly.

Box, Accessories and Documents: If you love your watch, you will automatically love everything associated with it, and that includes even the box in which you brought it home. Keeping the box intact can help you in getting a good deal because when you sell your watch online or for cash, the buyers are interested in having the watch in the original box. Certificate of authentication too at the time of sale will prove to be of an advantage.

Where Can You Sell Your Watch?

Before you sell your watch, take pictures, and there is a huge secondary luxury watch market where you can sell your valuable possession. With the internet taking the world by storm, there are many e-tailers you will find online who will buy your watch. Make sure you have read their reviews and customer testimonials before getting into any deal with any of them.

Conduct extensive research online and offline where will get an idea of the exact worth of your watch. To avoid falling in the trap of miscreants in the market, find the best place to sell watches and in your endeavour to so, get in touch with us to fetch the best deal!

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