How to Find the Best Place to Sell My GIA Certified Diamonds for Cash?

Everyone loves a diamond- especially the women. We don’t have to repeatedly say that a diamond is forever or that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. The rock always supports anyone who banks on it.Buying loose diamonds in the UK requires the following of some rules. The selling part also needs to follow some guidelines. This way, the deals become easy to strike. Buying a diamond has its reasons. Similarly, the selling of rock also has genuine causes behind it. Anyway, let’s understand how it all works.

How To Begin with Selling a Diamond?

The buying and selling rules for a diamond match. Let’s discuss the standard criteria. The four Cs that judge a stone is – Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Colour. The knowledge of the 4Cs can help you with buying/ selling options.

1 – Cut- The shine and sparkle of a diamond lie in its cuts. Better cuts ensure a shine.

2 – Clarity– It is the lines and blemishes. The marks are visible in bright light or beneath a loop.

3– Carat- The carat is the rock’s weight and referred to as ct. It shows the heaviness of rock.

4 – Colour- The highest quality of a diamond is in the colourless ones. The lower rate has a slight yellow tint. The grading starts from D to Z, where D is colourless, and Z are with a yellow tint.

How and Where to Sell Your Diamond?

1 – Approach Jewellers

It is the best option when you have to sell diamonds for cash. Jewellers operate their business for profits. They may want to know that the diamond they are buying is original. Go prepared with the GIA certificate to get the right price for your stone.Keep bargaining for a better price, one that’s not less than 70 per cent of the original cost of your rock.

2 - Do Your Selling

It is one of the best ways to sell you diamonds at reasonable prices. You can get in touch with family and friends. You can even advertise it on the net. The other professional way of selling your diamond is to place ads in the local newspapers. You can even place ads on some sites that can locate buyers for your diamond nearby.

3 – Approach a Local Jeweller

In this case, you need to find a jeweller who you can trust. Some jewellers will offer you the option to wait for the best prices. Here, they may not purchase, but keep it up for sale. You have to wait. This option works if you have enough time.

To Wrap It Up

It is easy to sell my GIA certified diamonds if you are well- prepared. Explore all the various options. To avoid stress, connect with We Buy Diamond in UK, fill the online forms and fix an appointment. It is here that you get the best online facilities for your transactions, shipment, and delivery.

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