How to Get the Best Value of My Rolex Watches?

How to Get the Best Value of My Rolex Watches?

People love wearing watches, but there might be multiple reasons for selling your watches. It may be exciting for some people, it's heart-breaking to sell my Rolex watches. Sellers need to make an informed decision while valuing their Rolex watches. You must ensure that the value you are setting while buying or selling should be realistic. A watch owner needs to think of every factor that impacts the price of the watch. It is quite easier and less stressful to value a brand new watch as you can sell it at the same price if it is in ideal condition.

Sellers get confused when they think about selling their Rolex about where they should start. As a seller you might face questions such as “How much is my Rolex worth”, and “what is the best way to sell my Rolex watch”? Without wasting time, let's learn about the guide or steps that can help sell Rolex watches and get the best value of them. Rolex watches are the world’s most expensive watches whose value gets appreciated over time. The older Rolex watches are considered collectible and exceptional, which can help you get the best value.

Reference Number of your Rolex Watch

People get confused between style number, reference number and model number, but these are all the same and interchangeable. These numbers are a string of digits that help know the watch model. There are a plethora of Rolex models that include Date, Datejust, Air-King, Datejust 41, Explorer, Oyster Perpetual, GMT- Master, GMT-Master II, and many more.

If you have paperwork for your Rolex watch, including service records, warranty card and receipt, it would be easy and helpful to sell my luxury watch. If you don't have paperwork, look at the back of the watch as the reference number of the watch is engraved.

Serial Number of Watch

Once you have figured out about reference number, you can easily find the serial number. Each Rolex watch has its own different and unique serial number. By figuring the serial number, you can determine the production date of your pre-owned Rolex watch. Service records, warranty card, and a receipt will have the serial number of your watch. This will help you find luxury watch buyers online.

Research the Market Value of Your Watch

Now you have both references and a serial number of your pre-owned Rolex watch, and you are now ready to research its market value. Start by using your reference number on the internet and search for pre-owned watches that are put on sale. This will provide you with a figure of the approximate worth of your Rolex watch and sell watches for cash. Still, many factors determine what buyers are willing to pay. It would help if you asked few questions to yourself that include:

  • What is the exact Condition of your Rolex watch?
  • Do you have the proper packaging and paperwork for your Rolex?

Once you have estimated the right price, you might be thinking, where can I sell my Rolex watch? Whether you'll do it in a pawn shop, watch store, offline or auction house, you can follow these steps to get the best price for your pre-owned Rolex watch.

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