Tips to Redesign Your Engagement Ring after Divorce

Tips to Redesign Your Engagement Ring after Divorce


Marriages and engagements are beautiful moments one can experience but there is no guarantee that they are permanent ones. Sometimes it happens that the relationship doesn't work the way you imagined it to be and when there are too many conflicts between the couples the only fair and logical thing to do is part ways.

Engagement and wedding rings are more than jewelry, they were once the symbol of love and promises you two had for each other, wearing it will only make you uncomfortable. Either you can hide it away in the corner of your drawer or jewelry box or you might sell the ring to get rid of the sweet memories associated with it.

There is nothing wrong with doing the things mentioned above, and moving on is a necessary part to continue your life just like before. But after some time has passed, when you are sure that you are no longer attached to the relationship, then experimenting with your ring would be a good idea.

Redesigning the Ring

You can give a new meaning and symbol to your wedding band or engagement ring by redesigning the engagement ring after divorce to make it look different and new.

You can use your engagement ring to make a new design necklace or earring or you can add new stones to the existing ring to make it look more stylish. You have the redesigning option but you can also sell your engagement ring after divorce if you want to.

How can You Redesign Your Engagement Ring after Divorce?

Redesigning your engagement ring is probably the easiest way to reuse your ring after a failed marriage.

  • Redesign the Ring into a Necklace
  • The necklace option is perfect if you have a solitaire engagement ring that is not equipped with any side or pave diamonds. If you have this ring you can easily redesign it into a diamond ring. If you want you can even use the gold from your engagement ring to form a pendant to hold the diamond.

    If you want to create a gorgeous diamond and durable necklace, you should go with the bezel and pave necklace set.

    If you have an engagement ring that has three stone setting, you can either use the two stones for the necklace design or you can redesign the ring into a beautiful pair of earrings.

  • Create Aan Eye-Catching Pair of Earrings
  • Redesigning an engagement ring is the best way to stylishly move on from your relationship, and the best way to do that is to turn it into a pair of diamond earrings.

    There are two options you get when redesigning the ring into a pair of earrings- that is if you have a three-stone engagement ring, where you can use the side stones to create a pair of an earring, and if you don't have that ring then you can buy a second diamond to match the center stone of your old engagement ring. After you buy the matching second diamond stone, you can have the new diamond mounted with the other two stones of the earrings at your local jewelry store.

  • Create a Stunning Bracelet Using the Center Stone of Your Engagement Ring
  • Another way to redesign your engagement ring after divorce is to convert it into a beautiful and elegant bracelet. If you are in love with the stone of your old engagement ring but don't want to wear it as a ring, then the best idea is to use the center stone to create a bracelet. You can even use your engagement ring diamond with other styles and designs of diamonds or gemstones to create a beautiful bracelet for yourself.

  • Other Small Pieces of Jewellery
  • If your old engagement ring has more than one diamond, then you should try using each diamond to create a unique piece of jewelry for yourself and your family. Redesign your engagement ring after divorce in whatever ways you want, just make sure that it is of your choice and how you want to use it.

    Maybe you can use the stones to make small jewelry to give to your family or kids. Diamonds are amazing stones that can take the form of anything you want them to be, so don't hesitate to try experimenting with the designs and styles of your engagement ring diamonds and proudly go ahead with redesigning your engagement ring after divorce to have a fresh start.

    Another thing is that, if you don't want to keep the ring at all like in any form, then that's okay too. If this is the case, then you should consider selling your engagement ring after divorce, this way you will get rid of your engagement ring decently. Selling your engagement ring for instant cash is another best way to end your bad relationship.

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