Where Can I Sell My Engagement Ring For Cash?

Rings are very precious pieces of jewellery for everyone. Many of us have received finger rings made up of precious metals, like gold and platinum, and embellished with diamonds and other expensive stones as gifts. Many of the finger rings people use are engagement or wedding rings.

However, there may be some harsh times when we need to sell these rings to continue with our regular livelihood. Therefore, you can sell your engagement ring and get cash in return.

Selling engagement rings is easy. All you need to do is find a place where you can get value for it. Many people take steps like putting up sales ads on the used products sales portals.

However, this option often does not turn out to be favourable; you get cheap deals which often turns you off then gladdening you.

Several jewellers offer good resale values for your wedding and engagement rings.

How Do Jewellers Benefit By Purchasing Used Rings?

One of the most significant contributors to the high prices for making any piece of jewellery, including finger rings, is the making charge. These are costs incurred for the labours involved in the making of the jewellery items.

Whenever you go buying a jewellery item, the final receipt you get is an add-up of the current price of gold, which is based on the carat and multiplied with the total weight, along with the making charges.

The carat price is not constant, but it is not something you have any option with. The making charges depend on the intricacy of the design. Thus, someone who wants to cut down on the costs may oft for an unappealing design.

For those who have paid for the expensive design, they feel the effects while purchasing as well as while selling; you get only the value for the gold and nothing for the labour charges.

Some jewellers know that several engagement ring buyers don’t mind purchasing used engagement rings for lower prices.

How Does It Help Me As A Customer?

One of the things every customer looks for is getting a fair resale value for his or her jewellery item. Almost every jeweller will give you a resale value when you sell your engagement ring. However, as pointed above, most of these jewellers do not give you any value for the making charges. They do not resell the rings but melt the metal.

Some jewellers, who buy and sell my used old jewellery, can offer you a fairer value as they do not consider only the gold price. They do not neglect the labour costs, and because they resell your finger ring, they do not spend in remaking it after melting.

This helps you get a better resale value for your engagement or wedding ring.

Where Can I Find Such A Jeweller?

You can consult locally or look up online for a jeweller who buys and sells used jewellery.

To Conclude

This blog tried to cover the points on how and where you can sell your wedding or engagement ring for an excellent buyback value.


You may need to sell your engagement ring for any of the probable causes. Here is a post that helps you know more about selling your ring the right way. 

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