Where Can I Sell My Gemstone Jewellery?

Where Can I Sell My Gemstone Jewellery?

Rubies, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds- the names are enough to make people gush over them. It is the remarkable pull of gemstones that lures folk’s into its fold. What’s more, these gems of a stone conveniently associate themselves with birthday rituals. No wonder, their magnetic appeal takes off in the right direction. 

So if you decide to sell used gemstone ring for the most money, then relax. Because, these rocks have die-hard fans clamouring after gemstones jewellery, rings in particular.

All you need is to follow some guidelines. Let’s get started. 

Know the Basics

You decide to sell your gemstone ring, and the reasons may be more than one. But before you go out, take a good look at your jewellery. Have you looked after your gems with the care it needs? In other words, you have to maintain your treasures. Here’s how 

1– Cleaning

Do not use chlorine or ammonia to clean gems or gold. The best way is to use a mild soap and warm water and a soft toothbrush.Rinse well. Or use the best cleaners available. 

2– Condition

The condition of the gem makes a difference. Choose re-polishing in case of abrasions. Or your gems may see a reduction in value and appeal. 

3– Value

The gems may differ in their values. Rubies, diamonds, and sapphires are costly while the substitutes may be cheaper. Have an idea about the rarity and grade of your gems. 

4– Intrinsic Value

It includes the price of the metals like gold, silver, and platinum along with the gems in your jewellery. 

Ensure the above, and handle your valuable gemstone jewellery with care to get maximum returns when you decide to sell your gemstones for instant cash. 

Tips for Selling Your Gemstone Jewellery 

1– A Local Jeweller 

Find a local jeweller you know and enter into a deal with them. This attempt will take time, so complete the documentation of your valuables. The excellent condition of your treasure will fetch a reasonable price. 

2– Advertise in the Newspaper 

It is one of the excellent ways to reach out to individual buyers. Place a classified ad and wait for the response. Online bulletin ads also work in your favor for maximum reach within the local community. 

3– Second-Hand Dealers and Pawnshops

This facility works on the cash- valuation basis. It is mostly the percentage. Some dealers may offer you more than 70 % of the value while some may provide less than 40%. Do not settle for a lesser amount, and find out the price from many sources. 

4– Auction 

You can approach a regional auction house to selloff your jewellery to the highest bidder. Though risky as to the lower end, sometimes the deal can pleasantly surprise you. 

5– Online 

The web is a way to reach out to a larger audience.Some sites offer to sell your jewellery. The best way for you is to indulge in detailed research.  


Besides selling, buying your gemstone ring online is also an excellent option when looking for a vast choice, reasonable prices, smart delivery, and discounts.