How Can I Sell My Gemstones for Cash?

What is A Gemstone?

A gemstone is a mineral, a rock, or an organic matter that stands apart due to their beauty, durability, and rarity. Then they are cut, polished, designed into various different ornaments and then used as a form of adornment on the human body.

Kinds of Gemstones.

During the early 19th century, the gemstones were classified into two categories –

  • Precious gemstones and
  • Semi-precious gemstones

The classification was done based on a given gemstone's beauty, durability, and rarity. All precious gemstones have all of these three qualities, while on the other hand, the semi-precious one has only one or two of these qualities. Basis this classification, the gemstones that fall under the precious category are –

  • Diamonds
  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds and
  • Rubies

Money That can Be Made by Selling Gemstones

Yes, there is money to be made by selling gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires or black opal, tanzanite, red beryl to same a few semi-precious, but how much money will depend on the quality of your stone.

Here is A List of Some Precious and Semi-Precious and Their Value –

  • Blue Diamond - $3.93 million
  • Jadeite - $3 million
  • Pink Diamond - $1.19 million
  • Ruby - $1.18 million
  • Emerald - $305,000
  • Alexandrite - $70,000
  • Musgravite - $35,000
  • Red Beryl - $10,000
  • Black Opal - $9,500
  • Tanzanite - $1,200

Selling Your Gemstone

  • To get started, you will want to know the current value of your gemstone. This can be done by getting your stone appraised by a professional appraiser, who takes into account different factors like – colorization, size, translucency, clarity, rarity and geographical region of the given gemstone in order to appraise the stone.
  • Once your stone has been precisely appraised and valued, then you can seek markets or businesses that buy and sell gemstones for instant cash.

Places to Sell Your Gemstones

Now that you have your gemstone apprised, it is vital to find the right market to sell your emerald or a ruby for instant cash. Now in the digital age we live in such places that are not very hard to find. You can use various selling platforms available in the internet like – Ebay, Worthy to name a couple or you can visit the website for “We Buy Diamond,” who are one of the most trusted names in the buying of gemstones business, without having to worry about not getting the full value of your gemstone.


To summarize, if you want to sell your gemstone, be it a sapphire gemstone, a ruby gemstone, an emerald gemstone or a diamond for cash, it is important that you have to thoroughly appraised, and then do some research on the best place to sell your gemstone.

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