How Much Do You Expect for Your Engagement Ring in 2023?

An engagement ring need not be expensive. However, if you got a beautiful engagement ring on which you spent a fortune then it is very important to know its real worth.

There are various stones, styles and options available for engagement rings these days. Wider options indeed make it challenging to find the average engagement ring cost. If you have decided to sell an old engagement ring, then you must ask yourself the below mentioned questions to get the exact resale value.

How Are Used Engagement Rings Evaluated?

The resale value is definitely going to be different from the retail value. Right after you leave the store, the value of a diamond decreases. Just like you can’t expect the same price for your car, damages or other factors might depreciate the value of your Diamond Engagement Ring.

Factors that will help in determining the value of your diamond engagement ring include:

  • Quality of the centre stone
  • Quality of the metal
  • Certifications of the stones used
  • Original retail value of the ring
  • Age of the ring

If you got your ring last year then you can’t expect huge cash in return. However, if the age of the ring is between 20 and 100 years, then it is considered vintage and can get you a great deal. However, other factors listed above will help an appraiser to get you the best deal.

How Much Does an Engagement Ring Resale For?

The average Engagement Ring Price depends on its condition and quality. However, you can expect to get at least 50% of the original retail value regardless of the type and quality of the ring.

It is best to get your ring assessed by an expert. If your ring is in perfect condition, has no scratches or damages, and you have the required certifications, then you may get a higher price.

How To Sell Your Engagement Ring Online?

It is very easy to sell your rings online. However, it is highly recommended to be cautious, when you decide to Sell your engagement ring for cash. Steer clear of scams and pick only a reliable service. Here are some steps that you need to follow if you choose an online dealer to sell your engagement ring.

  1. Fill up a query form
  2. Get an initial consultation
  3. Ship the ring for evaluation
  4. Receive the final quote
  5. Get paid

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