Jewellery Stores That Buy Diamonds Near Me

Jewellery Stores That Buy Diamonds Near Me

Going online, typing the best “old diamond buyer near me”, and selecting the first option that comes out on the search results seems too easy. For some, it might be very easy. But for some, it can be very complicated.

You need to be very cautious while seeking the right old jewellery buyers. Only because they are coming on the first page of the search results does not signify that they are the best ones. Your old diamonds are very precious, no matter how old they are. Finding the buyer who can give you the most cash for diamonds quickly and securely is quite tough. You might come across numerous options online, making the task more difficult.

Tips to Find the Right Buyer to Sell Your Diamonds for Valentine's Day

Looking to sell your diamond for cash? Then here are some essential tips you need to bear in mind:

  1. Know the Value of Your Precious Stone
  2. If you are selling diamond jewellery or loose diamonds, you need to be familiar with all the factors determining the worth of your stones. These factors can be the diamond cut, carat weight, clarity grade, and colour grade. Make sure that you possess an authentic diamond by dropping the gemstone into a glass of water. If the stone floats, then that means it’s forged as an authentic diamond will sink.

  3. Consider an Evaluation Before You Sell Your Old Diamonds
  4. Having an evaluation of your gemstones is crucial before you put them on sale. An evaluation is a document that indicates the major attributes of a diamond and its setting. It even indicates its size, colour, clarity, and carat weight.

  5. Seek the Most Reputed Diamond Dealers

As you have got to know the true worth of your precious stones, it’s time to search for the right dealers or buyers. Do in-depth research online and prepare a list of the most renowned and trusted dealers. Once you are through with this step, select the best one from your list. We recommend you to choose WeBuyDiamonds, one of the best places one can prefer to sell their precious stones.

The Reputable Diamond Buyers in the City

WeBuyDiamonds deals in all varieties of jewellery pieces in the UK. These include diamond rings, GIA certified diamonds, loose diamonds, wedding rings, eternity rings, designer jewellery, etc. They also deal in many luxurious watch brands, counting Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Jaeger Lecoultre, IWC, Omega, and many others.

The service of diamond evaluation is also available at WeBuyDiamonds. While selling your precious stones, you always want the correct value for the diamonds. The team of professionals working at WeBuyDiamonds is familiar with the methodology of spotting changes in stone by evaluating the colour grade, clarity grade, cut grade, weight, shape, and state of the diamond ring. How does our process work? You just need to fill up a form online to get all the details regarding your valuables. After you are done with this, you will get a call from any of our appraisers within 24 hours.

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