What Are the Primary Steps Involved in a Diamond Valuation?

Many people are doing diamond valuation these days to determine the value of their old as well as new diamonds. Most people get a diamond appraisal for selling their used diamond jewellery, while others get it to ensure its quality and to find its value.

How much is a Diamond Worth per Carat?

Diamond valuation involves a series of procedures in which, mostly, the appraiser goes through a series of steps to determine its value. The best diamond valuation near me is sure to provide genuine results by clearly examining the diamonds. Here you can find some information regarding how a diamond is evaluated.

Primary Steps Involved in Diamond Valuation

Diamond grading involves a series of complicated steps by which a diamond grader accesses the quality of a diamond. They will follow certain techniques, examine and evaluate the diamonds using proper tools and devices, and finally determine a diamond's grade. After diamond grading, you will be able to know the real value of your diamond jewellery, and this will surely help you in exchanging Cash for Diamonds.

The Main Steps Involved in Diamond Valuation are the Following:

1. Checking the Carat Weight

Checking the carat weight is one of the primary things in diamond valuation. Diamond carat weight refers to the total weight of the diamond (as suggested in the word itself). Thus, the more the carat weight, the rarer and more valuable the diamond will be. The carat weight of the diamond will be evaluated precisely using an electronic micro-balance and other devices. Certain scanning devices are also used to get precise measurements of the diamond.

2. Determining the Clarity and Finish of the Diamond Jewellery

Diamond clarity refers to the absence of inclusions and surface defects (blemishes). The diamond valuators will be able to state the diamond's polish, clarity, and symmetry with the help of certain instruments. They will indicate the position and nature of clarity and its characteristics. If you are planning to sell your diamond jewellery after diamond valuation, then diamond buyers online are the best choice.

3. Checking the Colour of the Diamond

The diamond colour usually ranges on a scale of D to Z, in which D refers to a colourless diamond, while Z refers to a dark-coloured diamond (like yellow or brown). Diamond valuators use different light sources and backgrounds to determine the actual diamond colour. Make sure to keep this crucial factor in mind when you set out to buy a diamond ring for yourself or for your soulmate.

4. Examining the Diamond Cut

Examining diamond cuts mainly involves finding the diamond's interaction with different lights. This will also help assess the diamond’s purity.

Consult a Local Diamond Buyer Near Me - Beware of Fraudulent

Diamond valuation is always necessary if you are planning to sell your used diamond jewellery. A Trusted Diamond Buyer near me is the best choice for all those who are planning to sell their diamond jewellery after a diamond valuation. Some of the primary steps involved in diamond valuation are provided here. They can be completely trusted; thus, you will not lose any money.

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